Our Philosophy

Our Compromise

Our objective is to help you to achieve success at international levels.

To achieve this, we offer a service you will be satisfied with. The keys are:

  • Processes for quality control.
  • Coherent translations: a document is translated by one translator or, in the case of especially large documents, it is revised by only one proof-reader.
  • Mediation between client and translator in the event of disagreements.
  • Absolute discretion in the handling of information provided.
  • Working in teams with specialists, to achieve the maximum quality in the minimum time.

A service in constant growth

Every day, we are dependant on the evolution of the market, and we have more and more professionals working with us.
This permits us to:

  • Work closely with you to achieve our common objective: your success in any field in the international environment.
  • Adapt each service to your concrete requirements.
  • Offer a very competitive rate for the level of quality offered.
  • Have a realistic view of the deadlines for delivery, and to fulfil them at all times.
  • And above all, to propose integrated services so you do not have to be concerned at all after commissioning us with your assignment.

We work together

A key element of linguistic services is the fact that there needs to be a close relationship between the translator / interpreter and the client.
In the course of a project, they have to be conscious that they form part of the same team, far from a simple provider-client relationship.
For that, it is extremely important that a relationship of confidence is established between all participents.
The rule is that the same translator is allocated to the same client.
There are various advantages in always working with the same linguistic services provider:

  • Maximum coherence between them and your projects, with the possibility of elaborating clients' technical glossaries.
  • Priority given at the time quotes or urgent services are requested.
  • Confidence between the parties.
  • Possibility to negotiate reduced rates for long term projects.
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